Many Trips around the Sun.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt full of sunshine!


This quilt was a commission for a gal I know, from a few of her coworkers.  I was told the nursery was teal and had an “Around the World” theme so I’d say this works perfectly!


This is the third Scrappy Trips Around the World quilt I’ve made.  I love how quickly the pattern goes and how striking the layout can be.


I was able to use fabrics from my stash alone.  I laid each row of each block out according to what was going next to it, trying to keep it balanced and ironing all the seams so they fit.


It’s backed in a patch of scraps from the front, all the yellow yardage I had (they requested a lot of yellow) and a Cotton + Steel print.  I longarm quilted it in a swirl pattern with white thread and bound it in trimmings from the back.


It washed up so crinkly and lovely!  The commissioner loved it and I hope it is be loved by the family, too!

Victory Ava Blouse.

I heard about Victory Patterns through the Workroom. I loved the modern styling and knew I wanted to try out some of their pieces.

2015-03-04 15.36.13

This is actually my second go at this pattern.  This first one is cute, but this one I love. I used this beautiful Anna Maria Horner print and a soft black lace I got from JoAnn’s.

2015-03-04 15.36.54

It’s too big under the arms, so much so that the zipper is unnecessary, I’m able to just pull it over my head.  That’s one of those things I have the best of intentions to fix but we’ll see if I ever actually do :)


I serged all of the pieces prior to any other sewing…


…including the bottom hem and the lace pieces, not using bias binding. I had some trouble with the point of the yoke in the front so it’s not super clean.


Otherwise, though, I love how autumnal the fabric is and how flattering the waistline and peplum are.  This will not be my last Ava!

2015-03-04 15.36.26

Trying to find the perfect button up: the Hawthorn.

I am on the hunt for the perfect button up shirt pattern, something I can fill my closet with.  This isn’t quite it but it’s close… it’s the shirt version of the Hawthorn dress by Colette Patterns (a pattern I’ve made two other times).

2015-03-04 15.24.55


I used Panache Fresco from Bari J’s Petal and Plume and Ladder Dot in Fuchsia by Denyse Schmidt for all facings and the under collar.


The fit is great and the peplum has the perfect amount of flare.

2015-03-04 15.26.07

I serged all seams and hemmed it with a single fold.



I’d love to try the Aster by Colette and the Archer from Grainline Studio.  Do you have a favorite button up shirt pattern?

Phuzz Phest quilt.

I’m not much for music festivals as I get older, but I always look forward to Phuzz Phest.  Some friends of mine pitched in this year and bought a sponsorship under kaitcetera, which was so sweet.  I wanted to put my name out there a little more and and make a quilt that was raffled off, with proceeds going to Girls Rock NC.

I love the graphic nature of the gemstone-like logo for the festival, so that’s what became a wallhanging quilt.


Using a screenshot of the logo, I did some rough measuring and math to enlarge the design.  I drew it onto contractors paper which I then cut out, to use as templates.


I gathered all the neutral solids from my scrap bins, which I sewed into one large piece, which was then cut up according to my templates.


It wasn’t perhaps the most effective way to go about this, but it worked out in the end.

For the back, I paper pieced PP’15 from hand drawn templates, and used some blues from Carolyn Friedlander and Cotton + Steel from my stash.


I quilted it in echoed lines a 1/4″ apart on my little machine, adding some extra angles at random around the outside, leaving the black lines unquilted.



I love how the gem design pops with the quilting, especially visible on the back.


I bound it with a musical note fabric from my stash and a couple bits of blue.


I’m happy to say my friend Laura won the quilt and has it hanging in her bedroom.  Thanks to Laura and everyone that bought raffle tickets!  And thanks to Philip for putting on such a great Phuzz Phest, this year and every year!


My most favorite dress.

I made this dress a few months back and as soon as I finished it, it became my most favorite dress I’ve ever made.  I’m even proud of the inside so I’m gonna show you that, too!

2015-03-04 15.44.52

When I bought this Anna Maria Horner print, I was worried it would be too busy for a dress but the geometric lines are subtle enough to not be overwhelming while adding interest beyond just bunches of flowers.  Thankfully, it’s also just busy enough that you can’t tell I had to cut the bodice front upside down :)

2015-03-04 15.44.36

I used Butterick 6582 view C, which is one of their retro reissues, and a dress I’ve made 2 other times.  I shortened the pattern by at least 8 inches and used a vintage yellow zipper that perfectly matches the lining fabric I chose.



I love how the bouquets “match up” at the bodice crossover and the little gathers at the shoulders;


but shhh… I didn’t hand sew the shoulders closed.


I serged all the inside edges and hemmed the bottom with a double fold and double stitch line.


Part of what makes this dress so flattering is that the gathers in the skirt aren’t in the front, so it doesn’t poof out and make you look pregnant.  They start at the bodice darts ago around from/to there.


I would highly recommend this pattern and I see more in my future!

Commissions and gifts!

The holidays are quickly approaching!  They will surely be here before we know it.


Are you interested in a custom quilt? Or maybe some throw pillows? Perhaps a set of placemats and napkins.  It’s time to place those orders!  (The pillow above, on the right is for sale for $40, more photos upon request.)

I wanted to show you some non-quilt commissions that I’ve never posted about!

imageI made this set of dinner napkins for some friends that got married.  I used the V&Co Zig Zag Ombre in navy for one side and white for the other.  A set of 18″ dinner napkins run about $40 for 4 or $75 for 8.


I made this set of 8 placemats and dinner napkins for my dad last Christmas, commissioned by his girlfriend. He is a retired geologist and worked for the state water board nearly my whole life, so water and stone and earthy colors remind me of him.


For the placemats, I gathered some blue scrap strips and some of the Joel Dewberry print I used on the napkins, cut stacks of three into wavy lines, switched the colors in the stack around, and sewed them together. I used four different kinds of neutral linen from my stash, and backed them in this grey dandelion print.  I quilted wavy lines only in the pieced section, labeled, and topstitched them.


For the napkins, I used the same four different linens on one side and a Joel Dewberry print with a strip of an Amy Butler stripe for the other side.  They were pillowcase stitched, labeled, and top stitched.


A set of 8 like this would run you $125, or a set of four for $75.

This pillow was commissioned by a friend for his son, made from a t-shirt.


The kid always liked to look at it, to point out everything going on and a pillow seemed the perfect way for it to live on.  I cut the design out of the shirt and used it as the center of a log cabin block, using coordinating prints from my stash.

I quilted it very simply, outlining some of the center designs in black and square spiraling the block at random widths in white. I backed it in a Cotton + Steel print…


With a lapped yellow zipper.


This pillow is 20″ square with a down feather insert.  One similar runs $60 and up.

These are just a few examples.  If you’re interested in something like anything above, email me!

kait [at] kaitcetera [dot] com

For Scout.

My dear friend Emma commissioned this for a friend who was having her first baby.  She told me mellow, with pops of color, but something sophisticated. When I saw this painting on Pinterest, I knew it had to become this quilt, which quickly became a favorite.


I backed it in a polka dot sheet I thrifted, a couple extra blocks, and some coordinating fabrics from my stash.


It’s longarm quilted with a loopy bubble pattern in off-white thread,


and it’s bound in the leftover binding from another quilt.

It washed up so wonderfully soft and both Emma and her friend loved it.  I hope Scout loves it, too!


(This photo, by the way, includes a mural I helped my friend Laura paint this summer at a local park that spread over 4 large walls.)

Trying to find the perfect button up: Meissa.

I was so excited about this pattern and impressed by the details of this top, the  Meissa blouse by Papercut Patterns, which I first saw on Lladybird.  Since she made hers out of cotton, I decided to try that too, though it’s a decision I’m not quite happy with.

2015-03-04 15.20.25

This pattern is billed as “loosely fitted” which is true, especially when made in a fabric with the body of quilting cotton (cue awkward outtake photo).  I think it would work much better in voile or rayon, a chiffon or silk, which is something I intend to try.

2015-03-04 15.20.11

I used this Leah Duncan print and an Amy Butler voile for the collar stand, under collar, and all the facings, which looks really nice, if I say so myself.  I had never done a collar stand before but I like it.


Don’t look at the button holes!  They are a mess. But those serged edges and the bias hem facings sure look nice…



I think I might go back and either take in the sides, add darts, or shirr the back waist and see if I can’t give it a more flattering fit.  It’s not the perfect button up but it gave me some good skills and has potential to be a good one.

For Thea.

My friend Dan commissioned me this summer to make a quilt for his newborn niece.  She was not born when I started and I didn’t know she would be a girl, but I knew the nursery would be light yellow with a traditional black and white houndstooth  overstuffed chair.


I was more nervous making this quilt than ever before, possibly because it’s the first quilt I’ve made for a stranger.  I pulled all the yellow and black 2 ½” squares from my scrap bin and following Blue Elephant Stitches tutorial, made this quilt.  My worrying was unfounded and they loved the quilt!


I backed it in some yellow yardage with a strip of black and white


longarm quilted it in a loopy pattern,


labeled it, and bound it in a diagonal black plaid.  I hope they love and use it for many years to come!

I made this quilt through both seasons of Orphan Black, a show about which I am now obsessed.  It is so good.

Trying to start again.

I wrote this post over and over again, trying to figure out how much I wanted to say about my absence.  I’ve been encouraged lately by some Instagram posts that are real, posts that are honest about the struggle with depression and self acceptance and growing up and it’s helped me feel like I’m not alone. (I’m including some photos of my trip to Pawley’s Island this summer, because who doesn’t want something nice to look at?)


I’ve had a tough year including most recently, a rough couple months that became a really hard and painful couple of weeks.  I’m not sure if I’ve made it to the other side yet but today is a good day and I’ll take that.


My boyfriend has been my solid ground and my friends have been great, despite me being disconnected most of the time.


In the months since I’ve written here, I made some things.  I finally photographed some clothing I made over the last year and a half.  And then came a creative slump.  I don’t think I sewed for 8 weeks.  But it recently came back and I finished a quilt I started 5 years ago. That felt so good.