9 things i learned today.

1. i am out of shape.
2. i am terrible at biking uphill.
3. a single speed bike is not practical given those two circumstances. so i should probably get my gears fixed (my bike has 10).
4. due to my lack of expendable energy and burnable calories, biking 7 miles today probably wasn’t the best idea.
5. i feel dumb when i am labouring up a hill and a “real” biker passes me. but i should get over it.
6. to achieve my dream of a long distance bike trip, i would need to train for a long time. and get a new bike.
7. the potomac river is beautiful. as are marshes.
8. i really love bicycles.
9. and i like the word “rigmarole.”

One thought on “9 things i learned today.

  1. Hooray for “rigamarole”! (that’s my preferred spelling, though yours is the more common).

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