day nine.

forget extending the cleanse. i’m sticking to the 10 days. so tommorow will be the end and i am really looking forward to food.
the tea’s effects woke me up this morning, as did some really bad cramps. note to self: don’t ever do this again when you might get your period. i stayed in bed extra long this morning which was kind of nice. it gave me time to read. my bike ride was lovely but a little tough. i should have drank a bunch of limeade before i went but i didn’t so i got tired and sweaty really quickly. i biked on a bike trail towards mt. vernon but when i got to a sign that said “hill” i said, “screw this, i’m not going to come back up here,” so i turned around. then i sat by the water and read more. i didn’t cook dinner tonight but it looked really good and john made popcorn that smelled super yum. soon enough :)
i have been hungry today but that’s because i haven’t drank nearly enough limeade mix. i am kind of teetering out i think. tomorrow i will try and finish with a bang. so to say. i’ll do everything i’m supposed to. i get to go to my organic market (that’s the actual name) and buy really good vegetables for my soup. mmmm… i’m excited.
i left myself in a crunch to make birthday presents for a couple people. so i busted out a bag this evening to rush off tomorrow. i am pretty happy with it although i think the next one i make i will do a little differently. i had cut out the fabric a year ago to make a knitting bag but never got around to it until now. it’s made with amy butler fabric and lined in a solid light green. there is an inside pocket and a strip for holding bobby pins. (i took the pictures without a flash so they aren’t realy clear but they’re warm :)

i miss you vee!

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