day ten.

i’m almost finished! i’m so close!! i’ve heard that to some people, regular food doesn’t seem appetizing by this point but man, i sure am excited to eat. so much for finishing with a bang, i drank a mere third of what i should have today. i still have about five days until i have weaned off completely and should be able to eat regularly. but anything more than spicy maple lemonade is welcomed.
john, the boys, and i are going to facedown fest this saturday and kelly is hopeful that i will meet some people there and “make connections.” there is a craft fair called “crafty bastards” happening on sunday and it must be cool if it’s called that. i’m hopeful i will meet someone there or at least find an awesome fabric store. i had a dream last night that a friend of mine from minneapolis moved here and was telling me about a church that he had found that he was really enjoying (he’s not really a christian) and it happened to be the church that i am going to go to this weekend (in real life). maybe it’s “a sign!” :)
today wasn’t anything very exciting. i learned how to throw pots on a pottery wheel which was fun. i crashed and took a nap when i got home and woke up late to pick up the boys. luckily the school is just over the hill and it only took me 2 mintues to get there and i wasn’t really late. joseph has comissioned me to make him some pants for his halloween costume which we started on today. now rocky three is on which is not very good. i’m going to go make something instead.

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