day eleven.

today was the first day of weaning off spicy lemonade but all that means was i got to drink orange juice instead all day. and i was supposed to drink a lot of water but unfortunately, i am drinking my first glass right now. not that exciting. but better than it has been! goodbye lemonade potion! (though not forever probably.)

meh. i have cramps.
and then, tonight, i got to make soup! i haven’t eaten any yet but i got to make it and that’s closer to food than i have been in eleven days! kelly went to my organic market and bought me a bunch of things i probably never would have bought for myself (just because i am a legume and root novice). my soup consists of kale, dandilion greens, potatoes, onion, carrot, beet, acorn squash, licorice root (i think), some other green leafy thing, and two other root things. haha. i salted and peppered and cayenned it and it smells so wonderful! i’m not supposed to eat it until dinner tomorrow, and only have the broth then, but i’ll probably get to it before dinner-time. right now it gets to soak and get even more yummy all night.


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