catch up.

i had a great weekend, made better by the fact that i could eat food. i was supposed to make a slower transition but i cheated with a grilled cheese sandwich and my stomach had no problem digesting it so i kinda just started eating again. and it’s great. i just need some chinese food.
saturday i went to facedown fest in bowie maryland, about 40 minutes away. it was really fun and so encouraging! it was nice to know that there are those type of people around here and a couple of the bands in particular had some things to say that were exactly what i needed to hear. it almost made me cry. john and joesph came with me and jospeh totally loved it. he was right in the front of the pit yelling and got a bloody lip and bought a t shirt and charmed all the merch guys. it was really fun having him there for a while.
sunday morning, i tried out a church. it is a vineyard church called tapestry in bethesda, maryland. it is really small, only about 10 or 15 people but they were all really welcoming and friendly and i think that i will probably go back. i’m excited, this could be it!
that afternoon, kelly and i went to crafty bastards, a fair in dc. it was actually kind of discouraging to realize that i am not original. not that i neccesarily ever thought that what i make is that new or exciting but i enjoy making it and the people i give things too like them so that’s all that matters for me. some things were cute and i got a few ideas but nothing was very impressive. so kelly and i left and walked around georgetown a little bit and went to get a beer and some artichoke dip and then rented “the devil wears prada.” it was a nice girl day, something kelly doesn’t get very often.
i went on a 15 mile bike ride today to mt vernon. it’s a beautiful ride and i had a lot more energy than when i attempted it last week. i was so tired by the time i got there that i just turned around a came back. eventually i’ll bike there and actually tour the grounds. but it was another perfect fall day and that was a lovely way to spend (part of) it. i look forward to continuing to get in better shape and stronger and be able to bike everywhere.
tonight i went to dc and saw matt pond pa which was a really nice show. it furhter established how much a dislike show couples. seeing them makes me really glad i’m not half of one. tonight was one of those shows where there were lots but i was alone and that is okay. i had a great time. the opening act was really good (a girl named jessica hoop) and it was nice that it was only the two bands. tomorrow is yet another show, as is wednesday. and another one next sunday and tuesday and wednesday. it’s great! i’m glad dc is so close. soon enough, i’ll start biking there. or metroing.
that’s all.

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