show couples really irritate me.
but museum couples are cute.
i would choose to be part of the latter.
john, the boys, and i went to the smithsonian today to see an edward hopper exhibit. it was really great; if i was a painter, i would paint like edward hopper. i enjoyed it a lot.
“the brothers karamazov” is a great book and dostoevsky is an amazing writer. i really like russian literature.
it’s supposed to storm tomorrow and i hope it does. except that it’s also supposed to be 90 degrees. not the most enjoyable combination.
i am really anxious to move to chicago. but i am trying to live in the now.
my past has taught me to not make plans and put my hope in them because many times, god brings along something unexpectedly better.
i guess i’ll find out what happens in time.
i really want to see “darjeeling limited.”
maybe this week.
it makes me sad to see friends making unwise decisions.
i think i used the word “really” a lot.
i guess i like to intesify things.

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  1. lost your number in an argument in which i broke my phone, gimme a day or two to stop hating my life and gimme a call if ya can…


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