i finally did it…

i biked to DC.
—>i went to the smithsonian for a few hours and hung out at the national mall and then went downtown to see “the darjeeling limited” which is a wonderful movie. the ride was about 28 miles total which is the most i’ve ridden in one day. i am definitely tired but it was really good. i have noticed that i enjoy city biking much more than trail riding. even though the trail is easy and goes through pretty places and is meant for biking, i like weaving through rush hour traffic and going through intersections (when it’s safe of course) and having more stuff to look at. i definitely miss living in a city.
—>i could spend weeks exploring the smithsonian institute and i intend to. i am hoping to go into the city once a week. when i get my bike all spiffied up and in smoother working order, it will make things a lot easier. it’s a good thing to do with my time. and it’s all free!
—>i do wish that i had someone to do this all with. biking and museums and lots of walking and coffee are all better with a friend (usually). maybe one day before i move i’ll have one here.

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