i feel like i should write something because i haven’t in a while.
but i get apathetic about it because i’m quick to assume no one reads what i write.
john told me that the average blog has 8 readers.
that’s not many but that sounds about right in my case.
if that many.
i go to california the day after tomorrow and i’m excited.
i will most likely try to do everything i miss and see everyone i know and not sleep enough
because that always happens when i go home.
but it’s been almost a year so i hope it will be good nonetheless.
i have talked to my best friend faith four times in the last two days.
that is weird because we usually only get a hold of each other about once a month.
she’s picking me up from the airport and i’m really looking forward to seeing her face.
i just might cry when i do.
it is hard for me to not have a best friend that lives close.
not that i want a new best friend.
i have always been the type to have a few close friends
rather than a large circle of acquaintances
but that hasn’t really been true for the last couple of years.
i think that i am resigned to the fact that i may not make any friends while i live out here
and for the most part
i’m okay with that.
perhaps a season of loneliness
(the good and bad kind)
is what i needed.
we’ll see what comes of this situation.
i think that my cats are my saving grace.
they are very dear to me.
someone has come into my life recently that has changed the way i think about a lot of things.
mostly in good ways but perhaps in some not-so-good ways too
(though not bad ones).
it’s turning out to be kind of a weird experience for me.
i guess we’ll see what comes of this situation too.
it was supposed to rain today
but it chose to be semi-overcast instead
and slightly humid enough to be uncomfortable.
i just want some real rain.
perhaps it matches my mood better than warm sunshine.
not in a depressing way though.
the new radiohead is a perfect soundtrack to this season
in both earth and life.

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  1. It’s ok, hon, you can always sleep! Have fun with your friends and spend some good time with your dad and brother.
    We’ll be in DC for a couple of days in Nov — I know we are not as fun as your friends, but we are good for a free meal in a nice restaurant and an outing to the Renwick or something :-)

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