an observation.

my iPod is dead.
music is no longer at my fingertips.
i don’t know what i’m going to do about that.
i have been overly aware recently of the blatant consumerism of our society and the glorification of materialism. new things are bought, not because the old things are broken but because the new thing is new. and the more new things you have, the better off you must be. new clothes must be purchased so as to keep up with the latest fashion, not because the other stuff is worn out. and frankly, i am sickened by it all. how can i separate myself from that and live in a different way? now that my iPod is broken, do i go out and upgrade to the new iPhone or do i live with the music on my computer and try to better enjoy and appreciate silence? as christmas quickly approaches, i find myself not wanting to buy people things, nor have things bought for me. how do i still let people know that i care for them but seek to make less of an impact on the earth through the way i spend my money. i haven’t figured that all out yet.

3 thoughts on “an observation.

  1. hi there
    sitting at work in Glasgow, Scotland and came across your blog. I love all your crafty stuff and really enjoyed reading through your site.
    I love the concept of having a blog but totally struggle with actually putting me out there for others to see.
    take care!

  2. thanks! it’s cool to know that people i don’t know stumble upon this sometimes.

    sometimes i struggle with putting myself out there too so either i am selective in what i say or i try not to care so much.


  3. Forget the ipod for awhile and learn to listen to the sounds of the world around you for awhile — the found music in your life.

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