i actually hung out with people tonight!

and not just in general. a friend of a friend moved from minneapolis the same day i did to join his girlfriend out here. i just recently got in touch with them and the three of us went to a show tonight. the show wasn’t amazing or anything (against me!) but it was fun. i hope to hang out with mikey and jewel again.
it’s been brought to my attention that my blogs tend to be about the less enjoyable things about living here, perhaps they even seem to be complaints that make me appear unhappy. while i usually write blogs when i am feeling a particular emotion strongly, and while those usually are the unhappier of emotions, i am not unhappy here. i don’t love it here and i miss minnesota a lot but i don’t regret moving. i feel like i am in this particular season of life, one that feels more like a holding pattern than anything, and i am trying to make the best of it. i am making the best of it. i enjoy all my free time and my flexible schedule because life will probably never be like this again. until maybe when i’m 70 and retired. though this city might not necessarily suit me, it’s all a learning experience, right? like i have learned that i will not have kids for a long time. :)
i don’t want my “i don’t have any friends” thing to sound like a “woe is me” thing because it’s definitely not. i am now able to learn about myself in ways i never have and i have more time to read amazing russian novels than i ever imagined! i still have plenty of friends in life, they just live far away. don’t feel any pity for me.

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