my cat broke my camera. he likes to bat things off my desk at about 5 in the morning and he just so happened to choose my camera to do that to. so now it doesn’t work. but my ipod decided to work again. all the music that was on it is gone but at least it isn’t totally dead. not yet at least.
thursday was a low key day with perfect weather. we all went on a walk in the morning and ate lots of good food in the afternoon and went to a friends’ house for dessert. it was a nice day.
my week is all discombobulated now and tomorrow should be tuesday. but alas, it is sunday and i will be attempting to go to church at st nicholas orthodox cathedral in dc tomorrow. there is no straight way to get there and i was hoping to metro and bike but seeing as it’s supposed to be 28 in the morning, i think the metro and a bus will be my best bet. having lived in minnesota, i can’t help but think i should be tougher.
i am really itching to get away and go somewhere for a few days. lexington, kentucky perhaps, to see my good friend quinna. bills keep popping up so i am constantly broke which sucks and prohibits such spontaneous roadtrips. one day i’ll be financially stable. ha. maybe when i’m 40.
all in all, life is good. i have family that love me, a roof over my head, two cats that i love more than almost anything, food when i’m hungry, a bed when i’m sleepy, and best of all, a relationship with the god of the universe. i have what i need.

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