today was the beginning of my stint as an odyssey of the mind coach and in short, it totally sucked. i could tell that some of the kids are really smart and fun but i was at a loss of what i was supposed to do and was not controlling the kids very well. i have a team of seven second graders, six boys and one girl and they were hyper-active. joseph was trying to get everyone to calm down and listen to me but it wasn’t working too well. i wouldn’t have known what to say if they’d been quiet anyway. kelly came in and saved the day and i was left wanting to cry. she got them to the point really fast and i felt really lame… i was very poorly prepared for today and i’m afraid i won’t be able to hold it all together and succeed in this. meh. i’m sure i’ll get better at this. kelly said that’s just how it works, that you really only get 15 minutes of work out of them in an hour and a half anyway. but is it just a coincidence that it was only the 15 minutes she was there that the work happened?
yesterday i kid-sat for some friends of the family, the mccullochs. they are some of my favorite people ever. kirsten is a hair dresser who knows everyone and everything worth knowing and graham is a chef and musician who was in negative approach and the meatmen. they are both tattooed and listen to vintage punk and hardcore and their kids are awesome too. ilya is a 7 year old mongolian-russian boy they adopted (whose favorite band is green day) and grey (graham) turns 5 tomorrow. they are both very smart and energetic and they seem to like me and i had a lot of fun with them. i hope to kid-sit them again sometime.
i was sick for a few days but i got restless after laying around for a couple days and watching too much tv so i went out. i saw planes mistaken for stars on their farewell tour on friday and chuck ragan with sundowner on saturday. i met mikey and his girlfriend at chuck ragan, the people i had gone to the against me show with. they had four of their friends with them and afterwards, we all went to a couple bars and ended up at mikey’s apartment (man, i wish i could afford to live in the city). i didn’t get home until 2:30 am. it was really, really great to hang out with people my age. then the following night i went to a ‘grown up’ party with kelly and john at a neighbor’s house. it was a bunch of philosophy professors and such and i felt really uncomfortable. the mccullochs were there which helped and another couple that i know and like. a couple different people came to talk to me though, my earrings being quite the conversation starter, apparently. they were very interested in the fact that i have worked with disabled adults and loved it so much. they all wished me luck in life when they left. graham and i talked briefly about how the culture out here is very strange because the population is so staunchly democratic yet so conservative. people that look like me do not walk around in public.
sometimes, i miss chrestomathy a lot. i was thinking today that i would rather deal with an aggressive DD adult than a seven year old any day :)

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