quilting madness.

i have come to understand that i need to syke myself out for doing things before i get out of bed in the morning and then i really get into whatever that thing is.

so, saturday morning, i decided it was time to work on one of those baby quilts that i started about a month ago (i need to make three). and that’s pretty much what i have spent the last three days doing. my aunt betty so kindly bought me a project wall, a frame covered in flannel used to place your pieces on vertically so that you can step back and look at the color flow and placement and such. i am so thankful that betty thought to get it for me and it is a big help but my bedroom just isn’t big enough for all my things. or perhaps it is that my bed is too big. anyway…

i had pieced the churn dash blocks of this pastel one a while ago and finally sewed them together with the sashing. it’s a very mellow quilt but i think i am happy with it. i laid everything out… and sewed it all together with my cats being very helpful as usual.

i was all ready to baste and quilt it today but the only batting i had was a beige color which doesn’t work on a quilt that is mostly white. so tomorrow i will go get what i need and maybe make more progress towards finishing. i have a quilting design drawn out and if i end up doing it, it will be my most ambitious yet. i bought a free-motion quilting foot for my machine today and that will make everything much easier (as long as i can figure out the tension…)

i seem to have a hard time getting all my lines and points straight and i’m not sure why. i cut as perfectly as i can and i sew everything pretty evenly. i don’t know how to fix my problems…

my two other quilts are made from the same 11 fabrics but will be made from two different patterns and two different color emphases. i found a fabric that i loved and wanted to use as the basis online. i only bought a small amount though so i was only able to use limited amounts, unfortunately. but then i excitedly found a great fabric store and was able to buy all the coordinating colors. (the only thing is this great fabric store is almost an hour away though it’s only about 15 miles. i’m hoping to find an equally good one that it closer.) this first one is only partly finished but i thought i’d put it up here anyway. i cut out and laid all my pieces up…

and then i sewed them all together…

and then i cut the edges off to make it a rectangle but i didn’t take a picture so you don’t get to see it yet.

tomorrow it’s off to a quilting store about 45 minutes away that i found online today. they have a line of fabrics by a particular designer i like a lot named amy butler. i will also buy my batting and maybe some other stuff there. i’m excited. i just hope i don’t spend more money than i have :)

my quilting soundtrack for the last couple days has been mainly:

murder by death’s “who will survive and what will be left of them”

broken social scene’s “you forgot it in people”

beirut’s “gulag orkestar”

and sufjan stevens’ “songs for christmas” to try and get me in the spirit

thom yorke’s “the eraser” reminds me of rainy days (which today was), winter quilting (which i have been doing), and abby (who i miss very much). i like to listen to that album and remember sewing days with abby last year.
those are nice memories.

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