i’m in the mode.

i had to force myself to go to sleep at 2 o’clock this morning or i knew i would never get up in time to get stuff done before getting the boys. i didn’t wake up until 9:30 (an hour and a half after my alarm).
i went out to a quilt shop in centreville, about 45 minutes west of here, and it was a wonderful shop. the women there were really nice and helpful and encouraging. they had a lot of really great stuff and i’m sure i’ll go back. i may even take a class to further my skills. (i feel as though most of my stuff has been pretty basic and there is so very much more for me to learn.) i bought some sweet amy butler and similar style fabrics to make a quilt for a friend of mine as a christmas present, if it gets finished by then. but hey, if i keep sewing away like i have been, that shouldn’t be a problem. it is a friend i am hoping to visit next month so perhaps i will just take it to her.
anyway, i cut the edges off of what i sewed yesterday

and made a small “quilt” with the scraps which was fun.

i got the circles put on this pink and red sugar skull quilt as well and will begin quilting it tomorrow (no picture yet). i haven’t decided what will look best as far as sewing the circles on and quilting the rest. but i put together the parts of variations on a nine patch block for the turquoise sugar skull baby quilt today, too. i have it hanging on my design wall to look at a little more because i’m not totally sure i like it. i think the yellow and red block is my favorite because the contrast is high and the lines are clean.
for the most part, i have been pressing my seams open and find that although it takes a little extra time in the ironing and matching of seams, it also distributes the fabric more evenly and makes for a flatter surface to quilt.

so tomorrow brings more sewing, basting, ironing, quilting, and another run to the sewing machine shop. kelly pulled out my aunt betty’s old machine that she gave her when she upgraded a couple years back. i have been thinking about upgrading my machine but i may just use that other one. my current pfaff will always hold a special place in my heart though, it was a present from my mom on my 16th birthday. probably the best and most utilized present ever.

now it’s 1:30 in the morning and i once again have to force myself to sleep. but what a wonderful sleep i’m sure it will be.

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