short quilting break.

i took a break from quilting to make a dress, something that i haven’t done in like… 6 months. i totally love the fabric and i liked the pattern on the envelope but i am not entirely happy with the end result. i think that i like the dress but i’m not sure about the elbow ties and the color isn’t the most flattering. i really don’t ask myself whether a color looks good on me when i buy fabric. if i like it, i get it. there have only been two times where i have felt it didn’t work, this one and a dress that i cut out but never put it together for that very reason. anyway, it was nice to make something that i can wear. maybe when i find that perfect fabric that is also the perfect color, i’ll make another. anyway…
i bought a couple more amy butler fabrics online for my beloved crafty planet in minneapolis and when they get here (along with a could other fun things) i will be starting yet another quilt for a friend of mine. (i am also secretly hoping that there will be enough fabric for me to make a throw for myself.) i have basted two of the three baby quilts and have figured out the quilting patterns for each. i think… i am daunted by machine quilting because i’m not really that good at it. i thought about tying all of them but i think that i am only going to tie one, the turquoise sugar skull quilt. so we’ll see how the other two turn out.
i have began putting together a quilting journal with pictures, fabric swatches, and information on all the quilts that i have made. i can’t remember what order i made them all in but i’m making my best guess. and unfortunately, i don’t have pictures of a few of them either. i think they were on my other computer that died. anyway, it’s one of those organizational things that i love to do so i’m having a good time with it. i hadn’t realized that i have 17 quilts that are in some stage of completion! that’s a good amount for the 4 years i have been quilting. go me! :) there are a couple quilts that i started long ago and never finished and they are sitting at my dad’s while i imagine being able to finish them. soon, i hope.
i want this phase to continue for as long as possible. i am really, really enjoying all the quilting and doing it for other people. next year, i want to make at least one quilt for charity. that’d be nice.

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