i haven’t written in a while.

it’s been almost two weeks!
nothing much new to say though.
christmas was nice. my mom and my brother are here and we have gone to museums and the zoo and walked around and stuff. it hasn’t been really cold or anything which i guess is good, though it bums me out because i want some snow, dammit!
on christmas eve i went to midnight mass at the poor clares monestary, a community of cloistered nuns in my neighborhood which is kind of weird to me. it’s a very brautiful place ad the service was very lovely, though very catholic. it actually was too bright in there but that was okay. it’s small and there was about 25 of us led by a polish priest and when he was giving communion bread, i counted 13 nuns (they are of course, behind a partition so only the priest sees them). it was a wonderful way to spend the early christmas hours.
i feel like i have grown out of the age of getting presents, but i usually get them anyway and i am very thankful. my dad bought me a new camera which i am super excited about. when i buy a memory card i’ll be able to see what it does.
my mom, kelly, and i went and saw a quilt show at the smithsonian american art and craft museum and they were beautiful. i’m inspired to try hand quilting although it is a daunting idea.
i haven’t been to a show in 3 weeks and that makes me sad.
i have been watching a ton of movies recently which is fun.
i’m reading “american psycho” which is a strange book.
i haven’t been very good in the church going aspect of things but i made it to a antiochian orthodox church last week and plan on going back to st. nicholas tomorrow.
i need to go back to minnesota soon.
i miss people too damn much.

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