new toys and a look back.

i finally got a walking quilting foot for my sewing machine that fits and it’s so great! i am still in the practice stages of getting my stiches regulated but i’m really excited because quilting will be so much easier now. and i’ve got three (actually, more like five) that need to be done. many hours of sewing fun are ahead for me!
i can’t believe that 2007 is over. in january, i wouldn’t have imagined i would be where i am now. a lot has changed this year… both my roommates (actually all three) and beloved friends got married, i traveled around a large part of the country, two special people in my life passed away, and i moved to the east coast, to name a few big events. i look forward to what this next year holds…

One thought on “new toys and a look back.

  1. Hey, Kait, Happy New Year — I hope the coming year brings many good things and new insights your way.

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