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I’m a student again! Starting on the 14th at least. It’s kind of weird because I haven’t been one for almost three years. I am actually excited about it though. I am in a very different place than I was during my last junior college attempt and I am ready to work hard and do better. I signed up for philosophy and psychology and I’m going to take another ceramics class. This semester should prove a lot busier than last. But that’s okay. I have gotten back into my quilting groove, knowing that in another week, my free time will greatly decline. I have until April to finish the baby quilts though, right? I completed the free motion quilting of one and my straight lines are definitely not straight but I am really happy with how it turned out. I’m excited to continue practicing and improving. I have also started using a 1/4″ quilting foot which helps make my seams uniform and everything much smoother. So I am now working on my 18th quilt. Now I just dream of one day having a sewing room… Hah, maybe in another 30 years.

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