on being anxious and encouraged.

I went to a small show last night night to see a band called Flatfoot 56. They are a Christian Celtic Oi-punk band from Chicago who I first saw at Cornerstone. When the show was starting, I got this nice feeling, like something good was going to happen. The show was really great, even the opening bands. John came with me and at one point, his glasses got knocked off and the lenses fell out. We looked all around for the one that we couldn’t find and in our search, one of the guys from the band came over and helped us with the light of his cell phone. John decided to wait until the band whose equipment was there left so he could have a better look. So the guy that was helping, the bagpipe and mandolin player in the band stopped and talked to me for a bit. His name is Josh and I told him how I really want to move to Chicago and he said that I should get in touch with them whenever I get there. He also said that his girlfriend is moving there from Louisville around the same time I am looking at moving and he planted the idea that maybe we could be roommates or something. (!!!) He then asked if I wanted to meet the rest of the band. We walked over to the lead singer and guitar player who I proceeded to talk to for about a half hour. His name is Tobin and he’s the older of the three brothers in the band (him, Justin, and Kyle, Josh being a good friend of theirs) and he’s 6’9″! We talked about the seasons of waiting upon God’s leading and how hard that can be, about our opinions of the two coasts and the Midwest, about churches and fellowship and community, and what the scene is like in Chicago. He gave me his phone number and MySpace and told me to keep in touch.

He also told me about this guy that lives in Baltimore named Loyal who runs a ministry called Hope for the Rejected. They put on shows and have Bible studies and potlucks and do community service. Tobin told me about his wife and how she’s really sweet. He said that looking at me and knowing her, he thinks we would really like each other. Baltimore is a bit far away but if i could find fellowship and maybe even discipleship there, I’d be totally willing to drive the hour or more to get there.

I was so encouraged in my faith and the season I find myself in through talking with them and even more excited about the prospect of moving to Chicago. I felt like they will take care of me there. They said they’d be happy to help me get connected with a church and other people and those things that are lacking here. I really hope that we can continue a correspondence and possibly form a friendship that will be a good base for me in Illinois. As if I wasn’t already ready to move, I am even more so. And then John found his lens (on the other side of the room from where we were looking) and we left, to get home around 2:15am.

(Side note: Tobin is also a very attractive person and I will probably have a crush on him for a while, until I realize it’s pointless and get over it. Ha ha.)

I often consider the place I find myself. Part of me wants to go to Chicago right now because it feels like everything that I long for is there (it almost makes me cry) and I know that if I told Kelly and John that I was ready to leave, they would say “okay.” But it feel like I need to be a woman of my word and fulfill the commitment I made to be here through the summer. Plus I’ll be in school starting in a week. There are home improvement projects to be done, books to read, pottery to make, and boys to take care of. I will be OK here. (I’m sure the next 8 months will fly by anyway.) Faith made a good point today, that perhaps God has something for me to learn in my classes or just in life that I will need when I enter the next chapter of my life. The Lord has a purpose for me being here, even f I can’t figure it out. 8 months is a good amount of time to figure out school stuff, finances, a job, roommates, a place to live, and all that fun stuff so that I’m not high and dry when I get to The Windy City.

Oh, how life is filled with adventure.

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