my first week.

I haven’t been too good on the upkeep of these updates, recently. I started school this last week and so far, so good. I think that it will be a good semester. Philosophy and psychology prove to be a good pair which is great. They both require a lot of reading too. I think I like both of my teachers though they don’t strike me as particularly amazing or inspiring; that’s okay. I see myself really enjoying philosophy. It’s nice to have more of a routine, too. I am trying to go to a coffee shop and do devotions like Bonnie and I used to do every morning before work. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that great so far, it has just made me miss SpyHouse and Bonnie terribly. The art of the independent coffee shop is very much lacking around here. They lack a lot of stuff around here.

Ceramics is going well, too. I really like my teacher this term a lot. He is very technical and will give you more information about the hows and whys than you ever thought you wanted to know. That is the way I work. Lori was good at what she did but she was so far from my style, that I pretty much feel like I’m starting over. Dale works well with my tendency to perfection. My goal this term is to make a straight cylindrical vessel, to work on making my walls thinner, and to make a set of something, either cups or bowls. That would be great. I am told that I have a knack for ceramics and that I am really good for having only done it for three months. That makes me feel nice. A woman that was in my class last term is taking Dale’s class with me this term which makes me glad. I like her a lot.

Honestly, I sometimes feel bad that I am good at so many things. On the other hand though, I always hesitate to call myself an artist. I’m good at making clothes, quilts, crocheting, and ceramics (apparently), I’m okay at knitting, embroidery, and cross stitch, and I’ve done jewelry making, macrame, weaving, scrapbooking, needlepoint, and book binding in the past… I almost feel like I should just focus on becoming an expert at one or two things rather than moderately good at a lot. Meh. I enjoy all of it though, so no mind I guess.

I went to a show with Mikey last weekend (I like hanging out with him a lot) of two hardcore bands from DC and one from Richmond. It was really encouraging for the both of us to see some good music still coming out of the city (what happened to churning out greats like Fugazi, Minor Threat, or Bad Brains) and seeing that there is some sense of a scene here, even if they are mostly underage kids (that will probably move away when they get older). The band we liked best was called Police & Thieves and I would like to go see them again.

I have mentioned this before but I have a hard time not taking it personally when I continue to write letters to old friends and attempt to keep in touch with them and they don’t respond. I understand life being busy and all that but still… You make time for the things and people that are important to you. Do I keep trying? I’m never sure. I guess it depends on the person.

I guess that’s about all for now. I bought a papasan chair from a woman on Craig’s List yesterday and I am so excited! I miss my papasan chair on the porch where I spent many hours reading after work. Hmmm… Once again, I have a comfy place to curl up and read, something that is lacking in this house. In fact, I am going to go do that right now.

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