I have been sick for going on three days now. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. My fever fluctuates between normal (when I’m on Ibuprofen) and 102.5, sending chills down my body that feels like goosebumps doing ‘the wave.’ Saturday brought chest pressure, Sunday brought extreme fever, yesterday brought a sore throat that made me lose my voice, and today is a cough and lots of lovely phlegm. Okay, I guess you didn’t need to know all that. I have however had a lot of time to watch ‘Dexter’ which is a really good tv show; thank goodness for Netflix’s unlimited hours of Watch Instantly choices. I read a very sweet book called ‘Love is a Mixtape’ by Rob Sheffield but my eyes can’t focus too well on books. So, in bed I lay, croaking, coughing, and just all around pathetic. I did pull myself out of bed today to get a hair cut which wasn’t a very smart idea. I already feel terrible about missing school yesterday, so I didn’t want to skip out on an appointment but it drained any bit of energy I had out of me. But my hair looks great!

I’ll stop ranting now and just ask for prayers of healing.

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