a friend.

I got a MySpace message from a guy named Marcus about a month ago. Messages from people you don’t know can be a little sketchy but he was writing because he was moving from Roanoke to Alexandria and found me. Looking at my page and my Listography, he found that we have a good amount of things in common so he thought he’d say hello. He wrote again the day before yesterday to say that he had moved and asked if I wanted to go get a beer or something. So, last night, we met at this place in Old Town called Tiffany Tavern and had a couple beers. It’s the first time I have ever met up with someone I met online and we hung out for over three hours. We both had a good time so we are hanging out again on Thursday. It’s nice to have a friend. Is there potential for it to become more than that? Are we really just ‘hanging out’ or are we actually ‘going on dates’? (I know you are asking yourself that.) I don’t know. I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

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