more about marcus.

A couple people have mentioned that I haven’t said much about him. So here’s some stuff.

He was born in Chicago but only lived there for a few months before moving to Phoenix where he lived until he was about 6. Then I think he moved to Virginia (Salem?) but has lived in… I think he counted about 10 different cities in his life. One of those places was Minneapolis where he was for a few years after high school so we both have a particular affinity for Minnesota. He is 29 and works as a web programmer. He loves Roanoke very much but moved here for a job at a web design company in town and was pleasantly surprised at how much he likes the job. So, he’s decided to stay, at least a few months. He uh… plays drums (of course he’s a musician, I hardly date otherwise :) and has toured with a band called the Wading Girl and Tim Barry from Avail. He likes cats more than dogs (he says if he wanted something to take care of as much as you have to with a dog, he’d just have a baby), he doesn’t like tomatoes or olives, and he really enjoys bad horror movies. And we are both really into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We talked a bunch about it when we first met and I was very amused because I’d never seen any of it before I moved here and now I am super into it (it’s a regular family night at the Valceanus) and then I meet him who loves it too. He would probably consider himself a hillbilly, but pretty much everyone in Virginia is outside of the DC metro area. Kelly calls him my lumberjack because he has a beard and wears button-up shirts that are sometimes plaid (but they’re not bright and flannel). I hope calling him a hillbilly and a lumberjack doesn’t give you the wrong impression. I’ll get a picture of us eventually and then you’ll see.

Some of his friends from Roanoke came up this weekend and I went out with them last night. I was kind of nervous but it was fun to see him in another element, with people he is totally comfortable around and can be goofy around. (We’re sort of still in the awkward phase; we’ve only known each other for two weeks.) I had a good time and I liked his friends a lot. We might go out again tonight.

So that’s that.

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