I go to California on Saturday for almost a week. I still don’t have my plans solidified; it’s come up really quickly! I’m looking forward to it, though. It will be nice to get away but I will miss Marcus.

Things with us are going well. We spent almost the entire weekend together which was nice. Friday night we went out with a couple of his co-workers and one of them, Michelle, was conspiring with me on how to convince Marcus to stay here. He has recently felt faced with the decision of whether to stay here or move back to Roanoke. According to the list of pros and cons, Roanoke wins. But his pros to stay here (me and his job) are pretty good reasons, I’d say. But my opinion is biased. His job really, really loves him a lot and staying would be really good for his career. We’ll see what happens.

He came over to watch the UFC fights on Saturday night. The fights were pretty good. Silva beat Henderson which was a really even match so that people really didn’t know who it would be. One of my favorites, John Fitch beat Evan Tanner I think it was which was happy. Haha, this is probably a different side of myself than most of you know. Yes, I have become an MMA lover. I just read a book called “A Fighter’s Heart” by Sam Sheridan and it was good. It makes me want to start doing kick boxing or something.

My cats totally loved Marcus. They take forever to warm up to people (they still don’t like John or Michael and are very finicky about Kelly and Joseph) but they really liked him. Especially Astrid. I was kinda shocked, honestly, but it made me glad. Now I just have to make Astrid stop shedding so much so it doesn’t aggravate his mild allergy.

That’s all I can think of to say now.

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