Okay, so I figured I should expound upon my last post.
In a nutshell, a bunch of opportunities have come up for Marcus back in Roanoke since he moved here that won’t really wait for him where as I, the main reason he would stay in Alexandria, is willing to wait for him.  So it seems best that he move back, and take advantage of the things that have arisen.  Even though that sucks a lot and I will miss him tons, he means a lot to me and we have decided that it is worth it to try a long-distance relationship until my commitment with my cousins is up in August and then… I might move to Roanoke. It’s still a pretty big ‘if’ just because I haven’t been there yet and Marcus and I are still in the early stages of our relationship.  But I’m willing to do that to be with him.  It’s all pretty scary, to be honest, because we have only been dating for a month and we are already being faced with figuring out if we want to give this a real go for the long haul.  But, so it goes I suppose.  I’m falling for him and I don’t want to lose him.
So, we’ll see how it goes.  He is leaving the 23rd which means after I get back from California on Friday, I will only have one week left with him.  But I know it’s not the end.

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