.spring is in the air.

lots of things to write about.

i had a really nice time in california. i flew out there last saturday and my mom and her new beau drove down to pick me up from the airport and take me to lunch. i was really worn out because i hadn’t really slept the night before so we went to the beach to nap where i proceeded to sleep for an hour and get a bad sunburn all over the backs of my legs. fun times! my dad flew in later that day and met up with me at my grandma’s house. it was nice to be there again. it has almost been emptied, at least a lot more than it was before. i wandered around a lot, took lots of pictures of the yard and stuff, cried, and tried to have some closure on the fact that the house where I went at least once every year of my young life will no longer be the family’s. A family friend of sorts is buying it though and not tearing down the house (the land is really valuable but the house is a little rickety) so that is nice.

my dad and i went on a walking tour of downtown LA because i had never really been there before. we went to the cathedral that was recently completed (the first cathedral to be built in north america in the last 30 years, apparently)…

the massive organ
the windows looked like thin marble but probably wasn’t. it gave a warmer glow to the sanctuary (is that what it’s called in a cathedral?) and this window cleverly made the shape of a cross.
all the light sconces on the walls were these tarnished bronze-looking angels. they were all different and they were all beautiful.
this was a fountain of holy water and a really neat painting of jesus being baptized.
a view of the outside and the angel perched over the entrance.

we also went to the walt disney concert hall
some big building built in a mesopotamian style (or something like that) where they were filming an unidentified movie or tv show
we walked by this weird building that houses the california department of transportation
and we went to the bradbury building which looks very uninteresting from the outside but is quite beautifully ornate inside (and has been in movies apparently, though none i’ve ever seen)
and we wandered amongst other various tall buildings

one of the main reasons i went out to california was to see a couple of my cousins that i missed last time i was there. unfortunately, trinity went into labor and sara was stuck working. so, i didn’t get to see either of them. i guess that means i’ll have to go out again sometime soon-ish to see them and baby isabel! and the other main reason for going to LA was to spread my uncle’s ashes with my dad. we ended up going to dockweiler beach and it was a beautiful day.

we went out on a jetty
and sat on the rocks for awhile
with the waves crashing around us.

we sat in silence and remembered tim and then threw (some of) him into the water. as we continued to sit there, a school of dolphins jumped by a little ways off. it was really neat.

then it was off to san diego where i got to spend time with my old friend taylor and tara. taylor and i were best friends from age 2 to about 17 but we haven’t really hung out in the last 6 years so it could have been really weird or really awesome and it was more on the awesome end of the spectrum. it was fun and not awkward at all which was good. she has a really cute place (with really sweet furniture) and lives in a nice part of town. i stayed with her one night and then went to stay with tara in her super tiny studio apartment in la jolla. we had a lot of fun, and she was kind enough to cut my hair for old times sake. i like to think that i really will grow my hair out long again one day but for now, i like it so much better shorter. back to the a-line. i also got to see my great uncle bob in chula vista. he was so glad that i called him since i was in town and he told me so multiple times. we talked for awhile, ran out of things to talk about, watched oprah, and went to dinner with his daughter (my second cousin? great-cousin?), julee. it was fun to see him and hear his stories.

after four days in san diego, i went through the fiasco of taking the train back to LA (which was delayed 2 hours), taking the bus from the train station to the airport, taking a cab from the airport to grandma’s where i slept for the night and then took a cab back to the airport to board my delayed flight, fly 5 hours home, shuttle to my car, and drive 45 minutes to finally get to be with marcus, where i had missed being all week. it felt like a ton of transit. but all in all, it was a nice trip.

now i just have to gush a little bit about how wonderful marcus is. it was tough being so far away for a week and i missed him a lot but if there was an upside, it was a good test for what the next 5 months will be like. it’s going to be so hard!! sometimes i think about it a lot and kinda freak out but we both want this to work and are going to try hard to make it so. he is just so sweet and reassuring and supportive and kind and funny and… almost seems too good to be true sometimes.

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