In philosophy yesterday, we were finishing up our study of Gottfried Leibniz. We had looked at the idea a couple weeks ago that God chose this world because it was the best out of all the possible worlds that He could have created. We expounded upon that yesterday, talking about how evil is necessary in this world. Evil must be punished, according to Leibniz, and good must be rewarded. Evil, though not good in any way in and of itself, brings diversity to life and brings about a greater good than could have been there before. One part that really stuck out to me was the idea that thinking will lead to thanking. Those that are reflective upon the world that is and are not spending their time thinking of a better possible world out there are stronger people. Living in a world of “what if”s don’t make this life better. It’s all about what we have been blessed with now, on this planet, in this reality.

Yesterday was a really tough day for me with regards to Marcus leaving. But most days are up or down. He learned today that his job here wants to keep him employed full time and let him work from Roanoke. So not only will he be able to count on a regular paycheck in addition to all his freelance work, he will have to come up here every couple weeks or so for meetings and such. That is really good news. Cost of living in Roanoke is really cheap and he will pretty much be living the high life down there. When he told me at lunch today, it was a small sigh of relief. Marcus and I have nothing right now other than what we have been given. And through this small trial, there are blessings. I will not spend my time wondering how things could have been had we made different decisions. What we have now is the best that it could possibly be.

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