.purging things and things changing.

I have been feeling lately, the need to rid myself of some of my possessions. I just have way too much shit that I don’t need. You would think that in moving I would go through things and not keep so much stuff. But no. I have stuff at my mom’s house, at my dad’s house, a few boxes in a garage in Minnesota, and a whole bedroom full of things here. In helping Marcus move a little, he had a box of books and electronic things, a box of food, a suitcase of clothes, a laundry basket of shoes and jackets, and a bike. And a pillow. And that was pretty much it. Not that he doesn’t have more stuff than that but that’s all he brought here and needed for two months. I have too many clothes, too much fabric and yarn, and tons of… stuff. Too many pens and paper and various crafting things. AHH!! I think if I start now, I may be ready to move in August. That gives me four and a half months. I will feel a lot better if I can get rid of half, or somewhere around that much.

In other news, I am in the process of figuring out my summer schedule which is proving to be a very busy one. Another family, close friends of Kelly’s, have asked me to take care of their kids Mondays and Tuesdays this summer. They have two boys, Ilya and Gray (I’ve mentioned them before), and I am really excited about it. My schedule with Michael and Joseph is changing too and I will be working with/watching them all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am taking two classes as well, History of World Civilization and Intro to Sociology as online courses. I wanted to take an American Sign Language class but I don’t think I’m going to be able to fit that in. I finally took my English Placement Test yesterday and placed in Honors English but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fit that in either, nor does it look like I’ll be able to take another ceramics class. Meh. It’s all good though, I will be making some extra money by working an additional two days a week and taking classes online will be helpful and keeping busy will make my summer go by quickly which is a good thing.

I try to keep things short when I write but my nutshells are always bigger than I intend them to be. Oh well. Thanks to everyone that reads my long-winded writings. (Maybe I wouldn’t be as bad at writing 1,000 word essays as I think I am.)

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