I had an absolutely wonderful weekend with Marcus in Harrisonburg at MACRoCk Festival (Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference). It was so nice to see and spend time with him, the town was really fun, the beer was plentiful, and the music was good (well, the little we saw was, particularly Shapiro and Anathallo). Q, the friend that Marcus drove up with (who I had met a couple months ago and liked a lot), used to go to James Madison University (who puts the thing on) so he knew a bunch of people and some kids that he and Marcus knew from Roanoke and Richmond came up and I met too many people to possibly remember them all. It was a really fun time. Yesterday morning, Marcus and I had brunch at a place called the Little Grill Cooperative and it totally reminded me of the Seward Cafe in Minneapolis and made me miss it lots. I had a hard time coming back home. It was so, so great to hang out with Marcus and have lots of other people around to hang out with and drink with and listen to music with. I haven’t had that for more than a couple hours in… eight months, pretty much.

Marcus got a new apartment! He just signed the lease today and will be moving in this weekend. He is really excited to get out of where he is now because then he won’t have to stress out about it and I’ll be able to visit. Knowing me, I’ll probably go down every weekend that I can. Four hours doesn’t seem that long; I wouldn’t put it past myself to drive down for a day or less if it means spending time with him. We’ll see how that works out.

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