I got a random phone call from an old friend, a guy named Dennis. Some of you remember my friends the Hoffmans from Cannon Falls, Minnesota. They were a family of six that befriended me at a home fellowship I attended for awhile and took me to their farm and made me part of their family. Spending time with them and their kids, riding horses, feeding animals, eating, it was so much fun. I miss them a lot (especially Tyler, their little one who was one of the smartest and most chipper children I ever knew. He is three now and would always run up and give me hugs when he saw me). I had written them a letter a couple months ago and didn’t hear back from them until today. It was lovely to hear from him and hear how the family is and all. I would love to see them when I go to Minnesota but I don’t know if that will be very practical this time. We’ll see. Anyway, it made me happy.
I forced myself to quilt! Well, I forced myself to baste a quilt. Almost. I have been excited about this project since I decided who it would be for, but working on it was a matter of having no one home so I could take over the living room floor, and a few hours to get it done. I got the floor clear but it took much longer than anticipated so all I did was sew the backing together. The basting should happen tomorrow. And then, this quilt will be my first hand quilting adventure. I’m kinda crazy to be doing a queen size as my first project but I want this quilt to be special. Of course, Amos was being his helpful (and adorable) self.

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