I have yet to write about my time in Minnesota and I have been back for a week. This week has been a little hectic with finals and such and I’ve been a bit overly emotional about things. But! The trip was really wonderful. It was a little bittersweet I guess because I miss it there so much and there were so many things to do and people to see and it freakin snowed and was cold the exact days I was there, pretty much. But I got to eat at a bunch of restaurants I miss and hang out with almost everyone I wanted to see and just being in Minnesota was great. The drive there was fairly painless and relatively quick-feeling though the drive back felt a little more tedious. I stopped in Roanoke both ways to see Marcus since he didn’t come which meant I drove through West Virginia and Kentucky instead of Maryland and Pennsylvania which was really beautiful. It is lovely until Louisville and then it’s flat and boring. I was particularly surprised by West Virginia, which is aptly known as the Mountain State. I don’t think I had seen as many single wide trailer homes in my life as I did in that state. The people there had super strong accents, too.

Anyway, Minneapolis was great. Some people keep telling me that I should move back there… It’s true I love that city so dearly and I know that if/when I want to go back I will be loved and welcomed and that makes it feel like home, even more than California does. But, I feel like at this point in life, if I was to move back there, I would fall into the same pattern I spent two years in. That wasn’t a bad pattern, mind you, but I feel like I have growing and learning to do and I don’t feel like I can do that there right now. That’s not to say I’ll never go back but that’s a bridge I’ll cross later.

This blog is already a little scatterbrained but oh well. Pascha, the main reason I had chosen to go to MN the weekend that I did, was really awesome. Chris came which was great and the service was just as wonderful as I had remembered from last year. And the procession just as cold. It was lovely to spend the time with Abby and Ben and Matt (I love you guys!) and that Bonnie and Luke go to that church now. It was a joyful experience, one that I needed.

Since coming back, things have been okay. The way a lot of things have timed out have been kind of sucky but such is life sometimes. I had my philosophy final today which went as well as it could have, I guess. I was really stressed and nervous and cramping today which caused me to burst into tears a couple times. But no worries! It’s a down day, for sure, but they happen. The up days do too. I bought a new computer online today, the most money I’ve ever spent at one time. I had to kind of close my eyes and press the ‘submit payment’ button. I am buying and Apple and I’m excited to have a new toy. I’m mainly getting one because I’m taking online classes this summer (and I killed the internet on my other computer) and since I’m kind of committing to going to school, I figure it’s a good investment.

Marcus came up this last weekend for the first time since he moved six weeks ago and it was really nice to have him here even though we both hate this town. It was nice to not have to drive although I like being in Roanoke so much. We really didn’t do anything besides sleep and eat and drink but ya know, just being near him was nice. Today is our three month anniversary I suppose, although it feels kind of silly keeping exact track. I don’t know why, probably because neither of us can really pinpoint the beginning of our relationship. Was it when we met that first time at Tiffany Tavern? Was it when we went to the movies and first held hands? Was it the time after that? I figure I’ll count from the second option. The first time we hung out was the meeting and seeing if there was any chemistry thing (although I don’t think that was even a conscious thing we were finding out, it wasn’t for me at least). By the second hang out/date, we knew there was. When we met for that second hang out, we wasted some time before the movie at a bookstore in Old Town and while there, my mom called me and she asked about him. I kinda walked away, embarrassed to answer in front of him, for him to know that I had told her about him already but he said that’s what clinched it for him, what made him know it was okay to hold my hand halfway through the movie that night. Awww. Anyway, it’s kind of hard for me to believe it’s been three months, it actually feels longer. Probably because the last six weeks have more or less crept by. And now we have three months and six days until I can move to his town…?

I have been trying to be crafty lately. Trying being the operative word. The hand-quilting project is going wonderfully and I’m confident I’ll have it done in three months. I will most likely always have a hand-quilting project going on. I went to my favorite craft store in Mpls and spent over $100 on fabric for dresses and a diaper bag (for another friend that I recently found out is pregnant). I’m hoping to make some nice summer dresses for the oppressive heat and humidity that is to come.

Kelly and John are going on a honeymoon next week to Jamaica. I will be with the boys alone for two and a half days before Kelly’s mom, my aunt Betty and uncle Al come to town. I’m kind of nervous about it. Well, it’s not even that I’m uncomfortable about it, I kinda just don’t want to do it. But it will be fine. And then I leave for Boston on Thursday. And I turn 23 that Saturday. It should be a good trip.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I always feel bad writing a lot because I know that I am always apprehensive to read really long blogs. But for those of you that trudge through it all, thank you. I’m sure that I love you and miss you.

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