I had a really, really, really wonderful weekend. I went to Roanoke on Saturday morning and met Marcus who had been in Charlotte, NC the night before for a Radiohead show. There were two parties we went to yesterday and it was such a good time. The first one was out in the mountains in a small town called Shawsville. It was a house-warming party cookout that turned into a pickin’ party (as in playing instruments). Jill, the hostess of the party, had two friends in town named Bosko and Honey who are a couple that play ukulele and are touring the world meeting other uke players and going to festivals and stuff. (www.ukulelehunt.com) He is from Australia and she is from Japan and they were super sweet and the cutest couple ever. Marcus learned some uke and at one point, there were five people playing them. There was also a banjo (Marcus’), a guitar, a fiddle, a mandolin, and some other stringed instrument that no one knew the name of. There was lots of good food and fun people and beer and the mountains were beautiful and I had a really lovely time. I took a bunch of pictures that I’ll put up soon.

Then we headed to Salem (which is just outside of Roanoke) to a ‘barn raising’ party as Marcus called it which really was just some of his friends (and ex-bandmates in the Wading Girl) who bought lots of beer as motivation for people to come over and move a new shed. That party also turned into a pickin’ party and was also really fun. I got sleepy after awhile and nodded off a few times but that wasn’t at all due to boredom. I had such a wonderful time doing those things with Marcus and meeting more people that I hear so much about and once again, it has been hard to come back to my weekday life.

Marcus is in town tonight to see Radiohead again (they used to be his absolute favorite band for years) and he might stay the night here which would be nice. Kelly and John left this morning for Jamaica and arrived safely. So now I am alone with the boys until Tuesday night. I’m kind of nervous about taking care of them all by myself but not because I think I can’t do it, just because it’s a big responsibility. I have my psychology final tomorrow too which just makes me wish it was Thursday night already. It will be eventually… Sometimes I feel like life is just a waiting game.

(Three months and three days until I can move.)

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