Party number One.
Bosko.Jill. The hostess.Chris. Jill’s fiance.
Chewey and Honey.
I took a lot of pictures of Marcus.Banjo.
Party number Two

Dan. He’s in a band called Red Clay River that Marcus recently joined to play banjo and mandolin. Dan and his wife Julie are really nice.
Q. He kind of takes awkward pictures but he’s fun and I’d probably say he’s one of my most favorite people ever.Marcus and his banjo again.
(His beard has been looking very nice recently.)

Marcus has such a great time hanging out with his friends and playing music. I was so happy to be there and see him in that element and enjoy it with him. I get more excited at the prospect of moving to Roanoke every time I visit. He is actually in five bands at this moment (only two that have practiced though), one of the main reasons he had moved back there. I have yet to see him play a show and unfortunately, I am missing a couple big ones this weekend. (I wish that I knew someone with a private jet that could fly me to Roanoke Friday night and back to Boston on Saturday morning. Oh well.) I’m really excited for all his musical endeavors and that he’s learning new instruments and stuff but I have a feeling it will be making the next three months a little bit harder. He has more responsibilities now. But I know how he feels about me and I know that the distance is hard for the both of us but that it will be over soon(ish. relatively).

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