good god it’s hot outside.

i got a sunburn. of course. we did end up going tubing yesterday and it was a lot of fun. the river was really green with algae which would stick all over you like green boogers and it was gross. but the water felt so good on such a hot day. it was only marcus and i, a girl named brittney (neither of us know very well but she is fun), and an old friend of marcus’s named kyle. it’s such a country thing to do. haha. you float down a river in a big inner tube for about a half hour and then go down about a minute and a half of rapids, get out, shuttle back to the beginning, and go again. fun times.

we went with dan and julie (two of my favorite people in roanoke) and kyle to off track betting on saturday. it was apparently not as fun as usual but it was still a good time. marcus placed some bets and didn’t win anything. dan and kyle both won a little. it was a pretty but upset in the place that big brown didn’t even finish the race. poor thing.

and that was my excitement of the weekend. we did go to a show at a record store down the street from marcus’s house to see a band called the bastards of fate. they were very entertaining. we drank and slept and tried to stay anywhere that there was air conditioning. and that’s that.

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