week number two.

Today is my fourth day working for the McCullochs. I am helping them out two days a week. Gray (Graham) is 5 and he is a large-headed child who hears everything you say and may bring it up later. He is learning to swim and is very self sufficient when it comes to making food like sandwiches which he likes to cut into circles. Ilya is 8 and has a very strong personality and he really likes girls. Haha. I’m sure he wishes he was 15. I like them both very much but it’s still a challenge. And then when all the kids are out of school on Friday, things might get a little more hectic. The extra money every week is nice though.

I may have written about this before, I don’t remember, but I have grown very disenchanted with children. I feel kind of bad saying that but I was never the babysitting type so it’s weird that I’m taking care of kids full time now. But seriously, I think that I would be totally okay with never having children. I’m glad I am not at a place in my life where I might have any for a long time. Hopefully this summer will go by quickly. It’s only two months…

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