.such is life.

this weekend was bittersweet. pretty much nothing went as planned, except for one thing perhaps, which is usually the case. marcus and i need to learn how to adapt to all that change and suffice it to say, this weekend we both adapted pretty poorly. i forgot how difficult relationships can be.
though i also forget how wonderful they can be, too. that first kiss after a long absence, an evening spent together at home, cooking a meal together… you know that everybodyfields song i love so much (in my last post)? he learned to play it so that we could sing it together. singing with him is one of my most favorite things ever. he gave me a motorcycle lesson the other night because he’s getting his license in a couple weeks and then i’ll be able to ride with him. i’m so excited about that. it was fun to learn how everything works and sit with him on it. we didn’t go anywhere, nor did i feel comfortable trying to make it go on my own but it was a good start. now we just have to get me a helmet.

today, i walked up mill mountain. it overlooks the roanoke valley and is topped with a huge star, the largest man-made free-standing star in the country, in fact. roanoke is the star city of the south. it’s a popular thing to get tattoos of. it has a long history and all but i just wanted to see the view. it was a beautiful day to go up there. i thought i’d have to do some hiking and indeed you could walk the whole mountain, but i just drove myself right up to it. i wasn’t really in the hiking mood. there are three pictures that would be a panoramic view if i knew how to put them together but only two of them want to upload anyway.

view looking south-west-ish.

view looking west.downtown zoom.the star. when it’s lit up, the outside is a single red line, then a double white line, and then a double blue line.

so anyway, life goes on. i get to wait another two weeks to see him again. some things are complicated and difficult and some things are easy but you learn to take it all. and i’m glad that i get to experience the ups and downs with someone who i find to be such a wonderful guy.

(oh, and apparently i got sunburned on the drive home because every time i scratch my left shoulder, it hurts. as if i don’t have funky tan lines already.)

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