online journaling.

I find blogging to be kind of therapeutic. I can think about things all day (and night) long but oftentimes, stuff makes more sense when I can write it down. A problem arises, however, when I want to write about more than what people need to know. Especially when it comes to Marcus and I, there are things that neither of us feel comfortable with people knowing. I mean, there’s more than just me to think about. Things get around quickly, it seems. It’s probable that there are people that read this that I don’t know about. And it’s possible that some of those people are Marcus’s friends. I tend to be forthcoming (in my writing at least) about what I’m going through or feeling but not everyone is like that. So I’m faced with having to censor myself in some ways. And that kind of frustrates me. Not that I want everyone to know my secrets or our every day happenings, and I definitely don’t want to disrespect anyone by talking about too many personal things. I don’t know if I’m making sense (so much for writing it out; it made more sense in my head)….. Okay, I guess what it is that frustrates me is how quickly things do get around and that what I write about can’t just stay between me and whoever reads it. I think that in some ways, blogging in general has made disrespect easier. And that kind of sucks.

So anyway, with that, I’m going to stop writing about current relationship happenings. People that need to know will know but all of it doesn’t need to be public info. I will wrap this up by saying that I love Marcus very much and that… that won’t be ending any time soon.

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