girls night.

Last night I went out with Kelly and her friend Paige and we went bar hopping in Old Town. It was kinda fun and kinda awkward. We went to an Irish pub-ish bar filled with cougars. Haha. And then on to a place called Bistro Europa that had a lounge upstairs with a live cover band that played things like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Turning Japanese.” Weird mix. Kelly and Paige played pool and then roped me into playing with some guy that had been sitting there watching us, some 50-ish man wearing loafers with a growth on this jaw. I made three really good shots and the rest of them sucked. By the end, around 12:30am, there was a crowd waiting to play after us and watching us and getting more drunk than they already were. It was really embarrassing. Haha. We left there finally and walked down to Tiffany Tavern, where Marcus and I first met and used to go a fair amount. But, they were closed. Darn. I probably would have cried if I’d gone in, as if I don’t already miss him a ton. So instead, we headed home. It was nice to go out and drink and have fun, even if it was with a couple of 40 year olds :) I left Marcus a message when I got into bed, a slightly drunken one, complaining about my awkward evening and missing him. And then I slept for almost 10 hours.

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