pork swords.

“Juno” has officially climbed the ranks to be my favorite movie. At least by “I’ve watched it more than any other movie ever” standards. Sometimes I’ll watch it multiple times a week. One time a couple weeks back, I watched it twice in one night. A lot of times it’s just background noise or something to fall asleep to. But still, it’s such a great movie!

The last time I was in Roanoke, I left my water bottle at Ariel’s house and asked Marcus for one. He had an extra lying around which I took and honestly, kinda held onto. But it got thrown away. And that kinda makes me sad. It’s silly, I know, but I have a tendency to hold on to things.

The family and I (Kelly’s dad Greg is in town from California) went to have a crab feast at this random little place in Arlington. It was good. It felt like I ate a lot. Crabs are a lot of work but I liked that because it’s impossible to stuff yourself. Kelly and I also went to the Folklife Festival in DC today and walked through a Bhutanese temple and awesome stuff like that.

I want to start taking yoga. And go on a 20 mile-ish bike ride once a week. And I’m working on brushing my teeth twice a day. Maybe I’ll even start flossing. Heh, we’ll see.

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