I have been having so many dreams lately. They are usually in the morning hours when I am not wanting to get up but rather rolling around trying to sleep more, whether I’m tired or not (usually not). They are fairly short but some parts that are so vivid. I won’t lie, a lot of them are about Marcus. Or have him in it. There’s a lot about my Grandma’s house, actually, though it’s not always her real house but different incarnations. Maybe just new houses in general; additions. Those seem to be the two main things that I remember, at least.

I took a tour of the local YMCA yesterday. Kinda funny, I know, but I guess that’s what they do for membership inquirers. I’m going to go back either today or tomorrow to sign up. I’m not sure where I’m going to fit in gym time but I can make it happen. I’d love to bike there as it’s only six miles away but that’ll make the entire work out longer.

I noticed that I’m hungrier in the evenings and I tend to eat a lot. I would rather eat more in the mornings and less in the evening. Spread it out during the day. And drink more water. Not having a water bottle anymore is a bad excuse for drinking less, as Marcus teased me about the other day.

I have been working on one little thing: brushing my teeth at least twice a day. A silly, but important, little habit to work on.

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