attemping healthy.

I went to the gym for the first time today! I bought some new shoes and work out clothes that make me look all sporty. Haha. I spent just over an hour there doing biking, rowing, and running. And sweating. It was good; I actually enjoyed myself. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to learn how to use all the machines correctly and get set up with a tracking system they have that keeps track of all you are doing and all you should be doing to reach whatever goal you have. It’s pretty fancy. I wish I had someone to do it with… a certain guy that has also been working out a lot… But, ya know, just a work-out partner in general would be nice, too.

I need to paint my bedroom. The fact that I’m moving aside, I think that the dark red and dark brown it’s been hasn’t helped my mood. I hardly enjoy hanging out in there anymore. I need to lighten it up a little. Yay, project!

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