i have an addiction.

I am addicted to stationery.

I am always wanting more. I’m pretty good about writing on it and sending it away for other people to enjoy but still, I can’t help but buy paper, envelopes, stamps… I’ll never have enough! I drink coffee at a shop in Old Town which is down the street from a PaperSource and I can barely stop myself from going in and buying new and pretty things. I dream of being able to design my own postage stamps because I like for them to match the letter I’m writing. I have searched to no avail for rubber stamps in the shape of states. They must exist somewhere!

I want to work at a PaperSource. Or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. But oh, it’d be so much fun. Too bad I won’t get the chance anytime soon.

Either that, or I’ve decided I want to be a baker. Or work as one, at least. I want to bake for a small, independent bakery where I can whip up yummy treats and experiment with vegan cooking. Maybe I’ll go to pastry school. I like that idea. ‘Ace of Cakes’ is my favorite show on the Food Network, maybe on all of TV. I want to work somewhere like that. I have a crush on Geof. He has nice plaid shirts (like another guy I have a huge crush on…) and he is so dry in his humor. He could bake me a cake anytime.

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