hey, look..

I actually made something! I sewed myself a summer dress.
I usually make a dress for every wedding I go to so it was about time to do that. I’ve made two dresses from this pattern so far but both of them had something that was off so I tried to fix the problems in this one (like the fit across the back), but it didn’t quite work out like I wanted. (I elasticized the back as you can kind of see in the picture below. It actually needs to be tighter.) Though now, I know better for next time. I really like the fabric and want to use the leftovers for a quilt when quilting season rolls around. I have fabric I bought over the last few months for three more dresses so maybe I’ll continue in this groove and whip out a couple more (this one only took me about three hours).

The aforementioned wedding is my old roommate Noelle’s. I have not seen her for almost four years, since our other roommate Jill’s wedding (which, by the way, I sewed through my finger when making the dress for it) but we’ve kept in touch and she kindly invited me to her big day. I found out yesterday that two more of our roommates from that semester will be there, Jessica (with her new baby) and Andee. Having seen Jill earlier in the week, I will be seeing four out of the five girls I lived with that semester.

This was our dorm picture for the semester book taken in Spring 2004. From left to right is Jessica, me, Angela, Andee, Jill, and Noelle. (Photo by Mike Spotts, www.michaelspotts.com)

Plus, I’ll be seeing a roommate from my first semester, Melissa, and two other good friends I had from there, Laura and Amy. And also, two other people I haven’t seen in.. at least three years, Ann and Ben. It should be a good time. My trip out there is shaping up to be a very busy one.

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