beautiful music.

Last night I was really pumped to go see Bon Iver, one of my recent musical loves and yes, they are magical. But, so many things surrounding their beauty sucked. I got hit on on the way there which creeped me out and then this drunk and obnoxious girl pushed her way up to my back (I was standing in front against the stage) and was yelling “Go Bon, yeah Bon!” between every song. Her voice kept cracking and you could tell that even the band was really annoyed by her. The metro ride home I was feeling really nauseous (I don’t know why, I hadn’t drank at all) and anxious to get off the train, in case I puked. But there was rail work going on so it took me almost an hour to get into Old Town.

But, on the plus side, the opening band, Bowerbirds, were really good. I would like to get their album as I liked them that much, girl member and all :) I would definitely like to see both bands again. The show wasn’t as crowded feeling as I thought a sold-out show would feel like but maybe that’s ’cause I was right in front (which I don’t think I have been at a show in a really long time). I also hardly had to look at show couples either, being in front of everyone. It stayed pretty cool up there too with the air conditioning blasting. A certain boy and I used to listen to Bon Iver often and I thought of him a lot last night.

Onto other topics… I have gotten more comments and conversations about my tattoos in the last two weeks than I have in the entire 11 months (from tomorrow) that I’ve lived here. That’s fine with me, I just find it interesting. No one is surprised I didn’t get them around here (well, besides the cardinal) as it seems to be pretty common knowledge that there aren’t any really good shops around here.

And besides that guy that hit on me last night, I got hit on again! At the gym today, by a fireman actually. Hahaha. What is up with this? Sorry guys, not looking.

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