Today was my last day of work. No more children to look after! YAY! I became increasingly aware this summer of how hard a time I have relating to kids and how uncreative I am when it comes to entertaining them or keeping them occupied with things other than TV. I have been struck by how NOT cut out I am to do this. But it was a good learning experience, for sure.

It’s gettin to be crunch time, it seems. I have a week left here before California and already I have Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday, and Saturday planned out without any time to pack. That leaves Sunday and Monday. Fun times! Still stressing out about the housing search but I’m sure it’ll come together… I emailed a couple people on CraigsList today and am looking at a couple realty sites. I need to calm down a bit.

Forget the UFC, the Olympics is where it’s been at. I have been watching most of the swimming and a lot of the gymnastics. It’s kind of a bummer that most live events happen through the middle of the night but oh well. Michael Phelps has been absolutely amazing. This family has gotten me into swimming a lot (watching, not doing so much) and watching that guy swim is incredible. The photo finish of the 100m relay on Sunday night was probably the most exciting sports moment for me ever (which isn’t saying a whole lot, except for the degree to which I was excited about it). The French had been all pompous, that they were going to “kick America’s ass” and then they lost by 8 HUNDREDTHS OF A SECOND. Eat that, France. They looked so dejected after that, I almost felt bad for them. It was a hard thing to sleep afterwards. The way Michael and his relay-mates cheered was ecstatic. He is now four golds, I believe (I missed one of his swims last night) towards the seven he needs to break Spitz’s record of six (which he tied at the Athens Olympics). Anyway, it’s been pretty exciting. I have never paid so much attention to the Olympics before in my life. It’s great.

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