I feel so stressed out with things. Money is proving to be really tight and I’m worrying about it a lot. My life here is almost completely packed up and I am beyond ready to leave. It still hasn’t totally hit me that I’m going to California in the morning and it doesn’t feel real that I’m moving away. I have been waiting for this time for so long and now it’s almost here! Yet with so much uncertainty… I sure hope I have a good time in California, at least. I’m getting a ‘surprise’ massage there which I can count on being nice. I can’t wait to be past this season in my life so that I can look back on it and perhaps see the lessons to be learned.
On top of that, my cat is sick. Astrid is wasting away to nothing but continues to throw up copious amounts of food and hair. She seems lively enough but something is obviously wrong. Besides the fact that I have no time to take her to the vet before I leave, I can’t pay for whatever they’ll have to do. I don’t need this.

My life, in boxes.

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