I haven’t been writing much, it seems to me. I feel like there’s just too much in my head to sort through it and try to write things down. I’m in California now and it brings very mixed feelings. Parts of it are nice but I wish I was in a better frame of mind to be enjoying things. I got to see my old Bible college roommate yesterday, Jillian and her baby boys, Isaac and Jacob. It was a good time.
I have plans to see many other people too, that I’ll hopefully take pictures with. Other than that, I went out to the ocean with Faith the other day and it was beautiful. It’s been REALLY nice to have a car. So many things to do… Meh, I’m a little scattered, sorry. It was Abby’s birthday yesterday and calling her totally escaped me and I feel bad. Today I’ll try to talk to her. Besides that, ya know, just the drama that is life. And then you add cramps to the mix. It’s just lovely.

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