Remember that fingernail I smashed in my car door months ago? The nail finally came off tonight. It’s pretty awesome and gross at the same time. I’m glad it’s finally gone! And it didn’t hurt at all like I thought it might. I imagine it will still take a couple grow-throughs to look normal again (if it ever really will) but ya know, what can you do?

And today, it was weird, (I forgot to mention earlier) when I was hanging out with Thomas, we went to Copperfield’s Rare and Used Books store and my sixth grade homeroom teacher was working there! Part of me wanted to say something but I wouldn’t think he’d remember who I am. I also saw my freshman year AP English teacher at Aroma’s (unless it was her twin sister) who I’m sure wouldn’t remember me (well, maybe she’d remember the Greek mythology sock puppet play that Taylor and I did). It was weird.

(and PS, the Olympics’ closing ceremony is weird, too.)

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