day six.

I stayed out at the beach (of the bay) last night in a trailer with my mom and her beau, Gregg. It was nice, despite the fog and (what I thought was) cold. I’d thought that Gregg’s kids were going to come out so I could meet them but it didn’t work out. I’ll meet them at some point. I didn’t sleep too well but the food was good and the company was nice although in all honesty, it’s hard to see my mom all lovey-dovey with someone. That’s not to say anything about how I feel about her happiness, it’s just hard to feel like everyone around me is in love and in these great relationships. I’m… not going to say anymore than that.

Today I got to hang out with my good friend Thomas and finally meet his wife Courtney who was better than I had imagined her to be :) We ate some food and walked around Sebastopol to an awesome vintage clothing store that has opened up since I’ve been here last. And then I got to see my friend Micah too and talk for a couple hours. That was nice.

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